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Galapagos tours - Galapagos Evolution cruise testimonials & reviews

Galapagos tours reviews & testimonials

"Expect some fine meals and spacious accommodations. The ship (Evolution) is extremelly well kept and equipped with all of the necessities. I recieved a private tour of the bridge, the equipment, and their functions…I say it looks top-notch."

Thorin Weazhback from North Carolina

"The birds, animals and landscapes we saw, the service on board, the meals we enjoyed, and all other things we experienced throughout our cruise were incredible. I hope to return in the future and will definitely recommend my friends to go on board the Evolution with Voyagers"

Tanya Illiria from Virginia

"Thank you for organizing such a fascinating tour - The nature hikes, accommodations and everything was exactly as we requested and exceeded all of our expectations!!!!! The weeks of planning together were well worth the effort! we would not have been able to arrange this on our own!. Muchas Gracias!"

The Hudson Family from California

"Thank you for the planning for our awesom tour to the Galapagos Islands! it was an unforgettable experience. The wine bottle in our cabin was a nice detail and the guide for our city tour (Rodrigo) was so knowledgeable, he explained every painting of the cathedral in detail. Quito is truly a beatiful city especially the old town. I have recommended you to all my friends.
-All best wishes, "

Saul & Pamela Di Silvio from Wisconsin

"Thank you for the great Galapagos Island cruise. It was absolutely fabulous! The Ship was great, the crew professional, and the islands unbelievable. Thank you for putting the flights together and making all the necessary arrangements onboard the ship. All the transfers worked out well, and everything went smoothly. I highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in venturing to the Galapagos."

Dr. Donald Zank & family from New Jersey